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Bend Waves Water Polo Club

Tournament and Travel Policy

Bend Waves Water Polo Club
Tournament and Travel Policy

Bend Waves Water Polo Club (BWWPC) gives competitive water polo opportunities to its members. It is understood by all athletes that there are specific criteria necessary to play on the tournament teams. This policy must be read by athletes and their parents prior to participation in any tournaments, whether travel out of the area is required or not.


Athletes are encouraged to sign up for  tournaments and required to play in others. However, signing up is not a guarantee of tournament team selection. Athlete selection for tournament participation is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

Athletes understand that tournament team selection is no guarantee of specific playing time. Playing time at tournaments is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

The coaches must balance the goals of both the individuals and the team to give the athletes a successful competitive experience. In order to achieve this balance, the following guidelines will be utilized by the coaching staff to evaluate players for tournaments and their respective playing time:

  • The player’s ability and skill level
  • The player’s attitude, focus and sportsmanship
  • The player’s effort and responsiveness to coaching instruction
  • The player’s attendance at practice
  • The number of players on the team available to play

Coaches will evaluate the athletes on a continuous basis. BWWPC reserves the right to cancel participation in a specific tournament for either individual athletes or the team based on the above criteria.

Payment deadlines are determined and set based on the needs to coordinate and finalize team travel, but not to exceed the Host Team tournament deadlines. The Coach may use discretion in extending deadlines to athletes with the goal of fielding the most competitive team possible.

The Head Coach has the discretion to invite athletes from other clubs to play on the behalf of BWWPC.

The Head Coach will work closely with the Tournament Coordinator to ensure all athletes attending are informed of transportation and lodging options for the specific tournament. An effort will be made to provide group discounts for lodging, but this is not guaranteed.

Athletes and parents understand that transportation and supervision will not be provided for all tournaments, and it is the parent’s responsibility to accompany their athlete and provide proper supervision.

Once final team selection has been made, the athlete must remain fully committed to the team to ensure participation in the event and consistency in fees and travel costs. If an athlete withdraws from a team after such commitment, and a suitable replacement cannot be found, the athlete may be financially responsible for tournament costs.


The team members attending each tournament will equally share tournament fees. These fees include, but are not limited to: tournament entry fees and coaching costs. Lodging, transportation and meal costs are not included in your tournament fees.

Costs will vary, depending on the number of athletes attending each event. The Tournament Coordinator will estimate the costs associated with each tournament. Our goal is to not exceed the estimate, but in the case where fewer athletes commit, and/or costs exceed the estimate, you will be notified prior to the tournament.  

$10.00 Late Fee will be added if payment is received after the Deadline.



Transportation will not be provided for every tournament. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange transportation for their athletes when volunteer drivers are not provided. Every effort will be made by the Tournament Coordinator to provide contact information of other athletes attending so that transportation arrangements can be made amongst the athletes. Athletes are encouraged to help with gas money for their designated driver, as the drivers are volunteers and not reimbursed by BWWPC for their expenses.

Registration Information

 USA Water Polo memberships are required for players to complete the registration process. For more info and to obtain your membership look for the links to memberships above in the menu bar. Be sure to upload a photo for your USAWP membership card. These cards will be used as your identification and will be checked at USA Water Polo sanctioned tournaments.

For new members to sign up for BWWPC programs click the REGISTER button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

A parent or legal guardian will need to complete the registration process twice. Once for a Parent profile and once more for a Player profile. When the process is complete you will be approved and receive an email from the Club and be able to access your account to complete the payment process.

During Step 2 of the Parent Profile registration under the heading GROUP be sure to select which program your player will be participating in.

If you have any questions please let us know by using the CONTACT US feature on the website.

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