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Bend Waves Water Polo Club

BWWPC Release Form

  Bend Waves Water Polo Club

Release and Covenant not to Sue

 A private club operating at the Juniper Swim and Fitness facility of the Bend Parks and Recreation District, I (we) do hereby, personally and on behalf of the said minor, without reservation, waive, release, acquit and forever discharge the said Club, Clinic, its officers, agents and employees from any and all suits, demands or assertions of liability of any nature whatsoever, or personal injuries, property damage, loss of services, injury to incorporeal interests, or other like damages occasioned by, arising from, or otherwise connected with the said minor child’s participation in the said program; and do personally and on behalf of the said minor child covenant that no action of law or suit in equity shall ever be brought against the BWWPC and its officers, agents or employees on account of any matter herein above set forth.  EXCEPTION: This waiver and covenant not to sue should not operate to release or waive any claim or right of action against an officer, agent, or employee of the BWWPC  in his personal capacity for personal, injuries, intentionally and unlawfully inflicted upon the said minor child by such officer, agent or employee.

I (We) further declare that I am (we are) aware of the activity contemplated and of the hazards connected therewith; understand that the said minor child may be a passenger in vehicles operated by the BWWPC, employees or agents; and understand that the said minor child will be a guest and not a passenger for hire or other consideration; understand the necessities for close supervision of the said minor child, and authorize the officers, employees or agents of the BWWPC  who may be in charge from time to time to direct and control said minor child where necessary for his/her protection and for the safety, welfare and convenience of the people of the Bend Waves Water Polo Club.

I (we) further authorize the person in charge to secure any necessary emergency medical services for said minor child; agree to pay for such services and to hold the BWWPC and its employees harmless there from.

The provisions of this instrument shall be binding on my (our) heirs, executors, successors and assigns as well as those of the said minor child.

By checking the boxes within the registration process, I (WE) have read and agree to all terms and conditions listed within this form.


Registration Information

 USA Water Polo memberships are required for players to complete the registration process. For more info and to obtain your membership look for the links to memberships above in the menu bar. Be sure to upload a photo for your USAWP membership card. These cards will be used as your identification and will be checked at USA Water Polo sanctioned tournaments.

For new members to sign up for BWWPC programs click the REGISTER button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

A parent or legal guardian will need to complete the registration process twice. Once for a Parent profile and once more for a Player profile. When the process is complete you will be approved and receive an email from the Club and be able to access your account to complete the payment process.

During Step 2 of the Parent Profile registration under the heading GROUP be sure to select which program your player will be participating in.

If you have any questions please let us know by using the CONTACT US feature on the website.

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